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Monday, September 05, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Photobucket Photobucket

A picture speaks a thousand words... presenting our humble house (for the benefit of those that has not visited our house). :)

If you compare to the earlier post (which is 9 months back 0_o), you'll notice that we hadn't do a major revamp to the house. What is perhaps evident is we obviously repainted the house, and changed the lightings!

Total renovation cost: S$8K! (excluding cost of lightings and furnitures) Lightings cost approximately $1.5K and furnitures and barangs about $10k or less.

The major costs come from the built-in wardrobe, shoe cabinet, TV console and the hacking and reconstruction of the storeroom. The existing dining area, was once the storeroom area (compare the pictures). We have shifted the storeroom to the kitchen area, as I've previously lamented the need for a huge kitchen when I can't even cook an egg. FYI, now I can cook! A 2 dishes+1 soup course is our standard meals over weekend :) Edible simple dishes, hehe.

So how's life after marriage, you may ask? Those we had been on my FB would know what I've always been grumbling... Housework! Standard stuffs to do over weekend: Vacuuming, Mopping, Cleaning the toilet, Washing clothes, Hanging out clothes, Ironing clothes, Cooking, Washing the dishes bla bla . Of cos, Hubby does help out, but still.....These daunting tasks easily take up one day of our weekend. Not to mention other adhoc tasks like, washing bedsheets and dusting the furnitures. -__-


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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Our house!!


Finally some pictures of Our house! Move in condition :) This is after we have mopped and swept the floor several is squeaking clean! 

The living room is as big as the kitchen, which is so nicely done up! Why on earth would I need such a big kitchen, for someone who can't even cook an egg.

The grand plan is we (actually is "Me") intended to hack away the storeroom wall (the one with the clock) such that we can at least put a dining table at the living room.. but that would mean, no storage space!... so got to make a big cabinet to store our rubbish. All these are subjected to the availability of the tiles. We are not going to sacrifice the floor tiles just to make our living room bigger.

Other things that we (more of "I") wanna do will be a nice nice tv feature wall, and a low shoe rack with cushions to sit on...

Looking forward to the reno! Now we are in the midst of looking for reliable contractors. Ikan bilis business for these contractors though. 

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

We've got our keys!

My arms are aching... from cleaning the house. But I'm not complaining :)

We have finally gotten our keys for our house! Happy. So this weekend, we've bagged tons of cleaning liquids to clean up the place. The place is in great condition, just like when we first fell in love with it.

We love the place! A block or two away, there's a coffee shop with nice western food and our fav rojak. Environment seems quiet, except for the trains that passed by our place. Not really bothered by it, as the master bedroom is away from the tracks.

It's really great to have a place called our own :) Now it's time to source for a contractor to do some minor renovation.

I'll post some pictures soon!

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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Fallen into the trap

Finally seen our photos yesterday:) 330+ over of them (!), and we were only given 43 "free" photos. Additional photos will be at $80 a piece. That's only 15% of the photos, meaning 85% of them will have to be discarded.

So, We began our first round of photo deselection (note: the program they have is such that u only can unselect those that u don't like, rather than the other way round; i.e. so that u have a higher tendency to choose MORE). After 2 hours, we were left with 100++ photos. A rough calculation by the bridal studio for these photos is a stunning $10K TOP UP !!! (additional 20 photos will have 5% discount, 50 photos will have 10% discount, I think 100 photos is 25% discount - can't quite remember the exact table)

Almost fainted... So our 2nd round of photo deselection, we were very decisive. Determined to reduce the bleed as much as possible. Hence, we chose at most 5 photos per scene, and eliminating those similar ones. Cut, Cut, Cut, and we were still left with 79 Photos (i.e. 36 extra photos). That works out to be $2.8k.  Stupid me, was hoping for a discount from $2.8k then, hopefully to something, below $2k.

So, we started talking to the boss. The smartie boss, doesn't give us room to bargain down the absolute amount (other than the 5% off as per table). And proposed a round up figure of $3k, for additional 50 photos. (i.e total 93 photos) that works out to be $60 a piece.

So, it the end, we took the offer lo... $3k!! *heartache*. WST said he was that was actually in line with his expectation, he had prepared to pay a few thousands bucks more (after talking to his frens who told him $5k, $6k more). This is not in line with my expectation though. I had a budget of $1k only. :( We should have chosen only 20 extra photos and bargain upwards from there. .. silly me, never thought that the absolute sum can't be reduced. boohoo hoo.

As a consolation, the pictures are really nice la... Except for those, which we have deleted. Largely due to our unnatural expressions; after all, we are not professional models......

But still, heartache. I'm going to be a very critical customer at the layout stage (after hearing lotsa advices from JL) .. haha. Don't let them earn their monies too easily.. haha

Looking forward to Dec to see the layout!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pre-wedding shots!

Finally done with our photoshoot yesterday! We're so grateful that the weather is good. It drizzled the day before and rained heavily today. We are really lucky.

The photoshoot is fun :) chins up, smile happier, chest up, one leg forward, etc etc. The photographer addressed the groom as Lao Gong, the bride as "gal". The duo (the photographer and the assistant) seems to work very well, the assistant understood what the photographer wanted before he speaks.. and both of them are equally crappy.. which made us feel more relaxed.

The MUA is fantastic, my limpy hair can actually "grow" till so voluminous!.. She added some brown balls into my head, and added some wigs to make my hair longer. Based on our earlier communication, both WST and myself already had some confidence in her. So for the style she suggested for me, I'll just go along with it. The make up is really thick though. After each shot, more powder and blusher is patted on my face.. The MUA commented WST has good skin.. bleh.. why does he need good skin. jealous.

Indoor shots went well..either with the background screens, sofa, or the natural windows lights.. But really kind of scary, for some shots that they took such close-up shots. Can see my pores, pimples all hidden underneath the thick makeup! He assured me that pimples/ oily face/ sweat, are small issues, which can be photo-edited... (more pimples = more work for them). haha

For Outdoor shots, the one at the church was easy, just pose for pictures.. I like that white outdoor gown, the MUA said it suited me more than the main gown...I didn'tt like it that much during the gown fitting, took it cos the bridal assistant assured me that it will look nice in photo. But once it had been altered to my size, I find it really nice and simple. Heard that it was previously custom made for a bride. hmmhmm but to use it for my Actual Day, maybe not.. ha. Wondering if there's enough nice pictures for this gown, cos only 1 venue.

Went back to change to a short gown before proceeding to the 2nd and 3rd venue. Like the image too.. chic chic kind.

The one at botanical garden... is hot! i'm basically dripping and my make-up should be melting.. and doesn't help that.. there's quite alot of pple around. Some took shots of us -__-" . I'm amazed that on a Tuesday afternoon there's actually so many people taking a stroll or having picnic there. I told WST that I wanted to have a picnic there one day.. and he said, let's aim to get an orchard condo, and we can come here everyday... wah, mine is just easily accomplished wish, ambitious goal. Haha.

The last venue was somewhere in punggol seletar area. Never been to that part of Singapore. Weather was cooler at 5plus..phew.. In my makeover image, we went to eat roti prata at Jalan Kayu! .. ha, I learnt a new way to eat prata from the photographers.. Cut up your roti prata, add in lots of curry and sprinkle it with coarse sugar. The taste is good cos of the crunchy sugar. making me drool thinking of it. Apparently, this is how Malaysians ate their prata.

When we were back to the Studio, it was already 7plus pm. WST gets happier as the day passed, cos he hated taking photos..But I guess with this photoshoot session, he should know how to pose for photos better.. :)

As the studio strictly prohibits us to take photos, we only took a few photos...


My xie ming ming (from "Ai" Taiwan drama serial) image... haha

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Preparations for photoshoot

We met up with the photographer and Makeup Artist (MUA) to communicate with us on the pre-wedding photoshoot @ Sophia Wedding..

The photographer, Eagle Soo [weird name, and his colleagues called him - yi ke shu (One tree)] was a funny guy. Brushed away all our impracticalities of having photos taken inside a shopping mall window display, cos of the reflectios from people walking past..

The MUA, Candy, is very sharp and experienced. One look she can pin point on the "problems" with me.. my high forehead, and cheekbones. WST flat hair non-layered hair can't do styling, and my black hair wouldn't go well with the hair wigs extension.

So, under both of their advices + other preparations to follow......

We went to the salon to dye hair...
WST had his hair highlighted for the first time. The hairstylist also layered his hair to enable styling. As for me, I dyed my hair (cos I wasn't allowed to cut it). Think WST looks good with the new hairstyle! more stylo..

I had my nails and toes painted. My first manicure!, my bro and mum said french manicure looks ugly on me though..

We collected our wedding bands.

We also bought some balloons from Centerepoint. Smartie me, left these huge balloons at the wedding studio the day before, rather than bringing back home.


WST bought some shirts...

I bought a pair of black wedding shoes for my short gown. Speaking of which, I had wanted to buy this pair of shoes from OG, but the sales gal kept advising me not to buy it as it was the last pair..and said wedding shoes must be new.. eh, but that's only for photoshoot! And my gowns aren't custom made either... i.e not new. The following day, I went to another OG outlet to buy this pair of shoes, and it's the last pair too. hee.

Also bought black fishnet stockings for the short dress..

Bought a bunch of geberras

Checked out on the availability of the church for photoshoot...

Quite a long list of things to do... and finally all get done! We are ready for the photoshoot... =)


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Sunday, September 19, 2010



Recently, we saw alot of kites flying in our neighbourhood, so requested my bro to get his kite from his gf's place (they like to have their kite flying session at punggol).. and there we are..(top right). Our first kite flying session was smooth, as it was quite breezy that day. We had fun picking up bundles of strings left lying around and connect it to our kite, so that it soared higher and higher!

We actually picked up a butterfly kite that went lost in its flight. I was so happy (being a cheapskate me), that I have a kite for free... But when we brought it home, dad told us it was bad to bring lost kite home.. We thought there's something creeepy about it (such as spirits inside kite), to be safe (being a superstitious and scaredy cat ), I had to engage my bro's help to throw the kite away. It doesn't help that, that time was the start of lunar 7th month.. haha.

Later, we went to google abit, and it went that, traditionally, people intentionally cut off their kite strings as a symbol to let all the bad luck flew away together with the kite. Hence, if a person picked up a lost kite, the bad luck would be passed to him as well.. Oh well, glad that we have gotten rid of the bad luck.

Our 2nd kite flying session was a total failture, cos I lost the spine of the kite before we even started our kite flying!.. We should have kept at least the spine of the butterfly kite. :(

So had to compensate my bro with a new kite (cos we are very calculative with one another): a HUGE sting ray (bottom right) - $30. Despite its size, with my bro's skill, it was not that hard to get it up the sky in our 3rd kite flying session (bottom left). In fact, our stingray was the only kite that managed to soar on that windless day.. Kudos to the dotted stingray(and my bro)!


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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Our wedding bands


We wanted something that looks like a pair (best if they are identical), something that looks simple and timeless... and no diamonds.

So this is it! The 3 gold bands in the centre of the ring are of various shades of gold tone (champagne gold, rose gold and yellow gold)

Love it!

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Recent splurges

I'm not one that spends alot on shopping... in fact, I think I'm one with the least number of bags and shoes amongst my gal frens...

currently, I owe 2 pairs of working heels, 1 pair of casual shoes, 1 pair of walking shoes, 1 pair of sport shoes and 2 pairs of slippers = total: 7 pairs of footwear.

I have only 4 bags - 1 haversack, 1 bag for work/weekend, 1 casual bag, 1 silver evening bag

BUT recently, I think I made quite a few splurges:

(1) A rado watch..

da da!


Actually I prefer the black ceramica watch, the classic rado watch.. but that costs serveral thousands of dollars.. really don't have the heart to buy it. I like it in silver as well, can match my engagement ring ... the dials are made in diamond. Think is quite value for money, and hopefully it will last for decades to come...

(2) A Calvin Klein handbag

I've not spent beyond a hundred bucks for a bag (when I was schooling, I used to like guess, JPG, and Elle -- cost about 100 at most).. but since I've started working, I'm no longer brand conscious.. haha.

This bag, when I first saw it, I like it immediately!! but I resisted the temptation, and went back home to reconsider.. (cos of the price tag). And I still like it alot after much consideration. In the end, I managed to get a 5% voucher rebate, and vouchers from my colleagues for my farewell. I only paid 60% of the price of the bag.. Although I still feel heartache about the price, I comfort myself that most of my frens are carrying at least a Coach.. haha..

(3) Acer Aspire laptop

Bought it at the recent comex. Can you believe for the past 6 years, I never own a laptop? Been using the Company's laptop and my bro's for personal stuffs. I guess it's time to get one...

Initially I had wanted to get a sleek and pretty one. However, the sales persons all commented that the laptop will lag if I use it for photoshop... A sleek AND powerful one is out of budget for me.. In the end, I bought an Acer Aspire with intel i-5 processor, and 4gb RAM etc etc (I'm not a tech geek) at approximately a thousand bucks =)

My only complaint is that it is Huge (14 inch ); reminds me of my Lenovo T41... but other than that, It's really pretty speedy in terms of loading software.

My first project done using this laptop is my wedding montage! =) and have to thank my fren for "risking his life" to get me this software..


The above splurges are still reasonable rite??

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More cactus~

Under my poor care, my pretty cactuses have evolved to the picture on the right.. Other than the cactus with the orange bulb and the cluster of small cactus in front of the orange bulb, the rest have wiltered. =(

Those cactus which have been individually potted (see earlier entry on cactus) have been replanted into the big pot (during my free time in office). Although not as pretty as before, I hope they still look decent. I'm not sure why my cactuses seem to have grown out of shape, more specifically, they grew horizontally upwards at a rather fast pace, instead of the plump stubby look, they have become slimmer and taller. Would have been great if I can grow vertically upwards, but I think horizontal growth looks nicer on cactus. I deduced that should be cause of the inadequate sunlight (nil actually, other than florescence light) in my office.

I'll be bringing them home pretty soon (as I need to clear my belongings) and hope that my east/west facing house can revive their former lustrous.

BEFORE                                                              AFTER


And I've received a new gift too.. to atone for the ill treatment of the earlier pot of cactuses. =) da da! ..From JL. =) I've placed it at a corner of my living room where there's ample of sunlight. I'm intending to bring it to my new house (hope they are still surviving by then)


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